Banquets & Events

Whether you’re looking for full banquet services or to just pick up some platters for your event, Hellas Restaurant and Lounge is the place for you. Offering a full range of on and off premise catering services, we are happy to partner with you in making your next special event a huge success!

On-Site Banquet Info

Off-Site Banquet Info

Banquet General Information

Use of Room – Our banquet/event room is available for guests who desire a private space to host an event. Guests that desire to use the private space must select from one of our banquet options. We do not rent the room, allow guests to order off the menu, or allow guests to purchase only party platters or lite fare for lunch or dinner service.  Members of groups who desire to use our private space for monthly meetings, may contact management to discuss special arrangements.
Banquet Costs – We do not charge a room, set up, or clean up fee; guests are responsible for the base price of the menu package they choose, upgrades or additions to the menu, alcohol service (if desired), sales tax and gratuity. 
Banquet Options – Our plated banquet menus are packages that include standard non-alcoholic beverages (Soft drinks, Coffee, Teas and Fruit Juices), side salad service, main course selection with accompaniments, and dessert service.


Buffet Service includes standard non-alcoholic beverages (Soft drinks, Coffee, Teas and Fruit Juices), food selections and dessert service.


Our Standard banquet packages are designed for Lunch or Dinner service. We also provide special Breakfast, Brunch and Cocktail “Hour” options upon request. Our menus are customizable. Changes may be made to the existing menus to include additional items or swap an option for a comparable selection more to your liking. Additionally, we can accommodate special dietary restrictions guests may have. We do allow guests to bring in out-side cakes, however other out-side food and alcohol are not permitted.
Room Use Window – The time allotted to use the private space when selecting a standard lunch package is three (3) hours and for a standard dinner package is four (4) hours. Luncheon events must be concluded by 5PM or they will be considered a dinner event and guests must choose from a dinner package. Dinner packages may be selected any time of day. A Cocktail Hour is a two (2) hour event and only available at certain pre-determined intervals between lunch and dinner services and requires a minimum purchase of party platters. Breakfast events may start as early as 7AM but must be concluded by 12PM. Brunch events require custom menu planning and time restrictions. Booking windows will be determined at time of booking. 
Banquet Sizes – Our banquet room capacity is one hundred twenty (120) guests. The larger the group size, the less space will be available for extra tables and custom set up requests. The minimum guest count to book a private room is twenty (20) guests. If you have a group over one hundred (120) and less than (twenty) 20, please contact management to make a special arrangement. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. 
Room Decorations – Our tables a clothed in white linen with navy blue linens napkins. We do not have the ability to provide alternately colored table clothes or napkins. Guests may do so at their own cost and responsibility. We do not provide room or table decorations. Guests are permitted to decorate tables with centerpieces, however, spreadable items such as confetti, small candies, flower petal, etc. are not permitted. Guests may also decorate the room with balloons, banners, and streamers; but placement and adhesive materials must be approved by management. Guests are responsible for clean up and removal of all decorations they use.

Guest Count and Food Selections

Platted Options: For our preparation purposes, we request that the host of the event provides us with a final guest count and the main course selections of the guests within a week prior to the event. Changes may be made from the time counts and selections are given up until the day prior to the event and the host will only be responsible for the final guest count and food selection provided.
For post funeral events, we understand that these types of events are typically unplanned and non-rsvp’d, so the host does not have to provide a final count and food selection in advance. The host only needs to provide us an absolute minimum and an approximate range. The host will have to pre-select the menu package his or her guests will choose from. We will provide a paper menu for each guest to select his or her main course and we will place the order with the kitchen when all guests have arrived. The host will only be responsible the actual number of guests in attendance.  
Buffet Options: For buffet service we ask that the host provide us with food selections and guest counts within a week prior to the date of their event. Changes to guest count may be made up to the day before the event; at that time, the final guest count will be locked in. 
For post funeral events, the host does not have to provide a final guest count in advance. At the time of booking, the host only needs to provide us an absolute minimum and an approximate range. We will set up and prepare food accordingly, as guests arrive, and we have a firm idea of attendance will make additional food for the buffet and add additional tables as needed. The host will be responsible for the final count of guests in attendance. 
Alcohol Service – We do not currently offer a per person, per hour open bar service. We also, do not have a bar in the banquet room. Our service staff will take your drink orders and serve the drinks. If you would like to pay for your guest’s alcohol, you will be charged on a consumption basis; you will only be responsible for whatever your guests consume. You may limit your guest’s selections to beer and wine or set a ceiling of how much you desire to spend on alcohol. If you do not want to pay for alcohol but are fine with your guests paying for their own drinks, we will run a cash bar service. The service staff will fulfill guests alcohol orders and collect payment directly from guests. If you do not want alcohol service in the room, guests will be informed that alcohol is prohibited in the room. 
Pricing, Availability and Booking – To request pricing, check on availability or book your event, Please submit the banquet inquiry form on the left of the screen. Once you have provided some basic information about your event, a member of our banquet staff will contact you. We appreciate your consideration of your establishment to host your event and look forward to the opportunity to provide you an exceptional experience. Please submit the banquet inquiry form on the left of the screen.